About us

KB-folders.com is a brand-name of Colourfile B.V. from the Netherlands. Colourfile B.V. was founded in 1990 and is still run by Renno Koelman and Mark van den Berk. They started out manufacturing folders for hospitals and other large institutions.

A couple of years ago Colourfile developed a line of filing-folders which became very popular among lawyers and accountants. These folders are sold under the name KB-mappen.nl. Now, Koelman and Van den Berk are very proud to introduce this line of filing folders for the entire European market.

Under the name Octafile we sell all types of custom-made folders for top orchestras around the world, such as The Royal Concertgebouw, The Rotterdam Philharmonic and many other top-orchestras.

In Holland Hans Belt is responsible for sales. For English speaking people please contact Mark van den Berk.